We Must Start Today

“Our house is on fire, we cannot delay.
Let’s do this together. We must start today.”

About We Must Start Today:

Freddy and Betty, two tiny busy ants, notice that plants and flowers are starting to die. Working together, they inspire others to address the larger common challenge facing them all. The ants show that even the smallest of us can be real heroes, inspiring others to work together to make big changes in the world.

Reviews from our readers

“This book teaches such an important lesson, and in a well written, rhyming manner that children will love. With so much discussion these days about sustainability and protecting the earth, it teaches children that no matter how small, they can make an impact. Gorgeous illustrations as well. A new classic. Loved it.”

-Amazon customer

“An inspiring book about how individuals can collaborate for positive change. Such an important message for today’s challenges, especially the climate crisis. Susan Banki & Josh McConnell pull off another wonderful children’s book. Perfect gift for the holidays!”

– Rocky W

“From the writers of Unlikely Friends comes their second book, We Must Start Today. Once again, aiming to raise awareness of worldly issues in children, this book helps us see that we all play a part, no matter how small or insignificant we might feel. This book can be used to help children feel that they can make a difference to important issues, while working together with others to achieve a common goal! Banki’s use of rhyme and McConnell’s animated illustrations make this book a heartwarming read.”

-Get Kids Booked

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