Unlikely Friends

“When choosing a friend, look for kindness and laughter.
You’ll find that your life’s full of joy ever after.”

About Unlikely Friends:

A baby rhino and a billy goat form an unlikely friendship. Working together they overcome adversity and the scorn of their animal peers.

Their friendship eventually is put to the test as they use their unique skills to help each other, and the other animals, get to safety when a flood washes their homes away.

Inspired by a true story of unlikely animal friends, this story shows young readers how diverse friends can be the best friends of all.

With a soothing and smooth rhyme parents can read to kids over and over again, Unlikely Friends is a timeless story of friendship to inspire every child.

CELEBRITY VIDEO: Darren Gilshenan reads Unlikely Friends

Reviews from our readers

I can definitely recommend this one; the story is in a delightful rhyme and the cheerful pictures come together to give a strong message about inclusiveness.

– Child Development Professional, New York

“This adorable book tells a story that is welcome more than ever today. The story is in a delightful rhyme (good for bedtime rituals!) and the cheerful pictures come together to give a strong message about inclusiveness. Children will enjoy the fun story while hearing about kindness, care, and including others. As a child development professional myself who works with young children and often recommends books to parents, I can definitely recommend this one.”

-Tovah P. Klein, author of How Toddlers Thrive

“This is an incredible book about tolerance and acceptance! I teach junior high school and a well written and beautifully illustrated book is such a great way to teach them this lesson. I am so thankful for this book and highly recommend it to teachers and parents. More than ever, we need to promote diversity and acceptance. Go buy this book!!!”

-Mozer, junior high school teacher, NYC

Unlikely Friends is told in a delightful rhyme with exquisite, rich vocabulary! My students were enchanted by the story and the vivid, fun illustrations! It is a treasure of a read!

– Public School Teacher, Boston

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