“They’d learned a big lesson, these wonderful cats,
to stand up to bullies and watch out for rats.”

About Catland

The cats of Catland bicker over how to maintain and protect their beloved machine. One day a giant lion gains power in Catland and tries to destroy the machine through his divisive and bullying tactics. Only by banding together can the cats reveal the lion for who he really is and save their machine. A story about standing up to bullies and saving society, Catland has lessons for children and adults, and for everyone that loves democracy.

Reviews from our readers

“Catland is a tale for our times that appeals to children and adults alike. A wonderful read with delightful illustrations, Catland is an enjoyable and effective way to teach children about democracy and about what keeps its imperfect but essential machine working for everyone. With its emphasis on unity in the face of adversity, Catland also delivers a crucial message about human nature and the importance of speaking truth to power.Readers will cherish this book for its timely lesson and its timeless wisdom for years to come.”

-Tina Cane, Rhode Island state poet laureate and author of Once More With Feeling and Body of Work


“I felt overwhelmed by that sense of having had something so clear and seemingly simple reflected back to me, about what is happening to our world, to America, about the undying faith we have in our collective abilities to change the world. This book was ingenious. Honestly, it broke my heart and then mended it.”

-Jessie Tu, author of A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing

“Fables have always been a creative way to reveal the great issues of life. In a clever story of cats and an imaginary society, Catland reveals the dangers of failing to exercise democracy. A timely and significant story.”

– Susanne Gervay OAM, author of the I Am Jack series

A feel-good folk tune: listen to Catland in song!

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